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Porto Mantovano

Stable meadows and fens in Soave

According to the many archaeological findings Porto Mantovano was inhabited in the prehistory, in the age of the Gauls and of the Celts, and in the Roman age.

The Gonzaga family equipped the village of Porto with walls and bastions, and during its domination Nicolò Sebregondi built the Palazzo della Favorita (of which today only a wonderful ruin remains) between 1615 and 1624.

In 1866 it became part of the Kingdom of Italy, and the railway line was extended up to Modena (1872) and towards Peschiera.

In the village of Soave there is the charming wetland shaped by the river Mincio, an area classified as EDEN destination of Excellence due to the precious environmental features characterizing it.

The road crossing Soave leads to the Bertone Park center, in the municipality of Goito.

  • From Mantua: 6 km
  • Info: ph. +39 0376 38901 - Fax +39 0376 397847

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Porto Mantovano
Porto Mantovano, locality of Cascina Paradiso
Porto Mantovano
Porto Mantovano
Porto Mantovano
Porto Mantovano, grove of reeds
Porto Mantovano
Porto Mantovano, Villa Favorita
Where to sleep in:
Porto Mantovano, Sant'Antonio, Soave
Where to eat in:
Porto Mantovano, Soave
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