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From the Renaissance skyline to Virgil's Mincio by motor vessel

Motor vessel navigation from Mantua to the lower Mincio and towards the Po River

Boat         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Wildlife Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Departure: Mantova - Lago di Mezzo
  • Duration: 1 hour/1.5 hours
  • Involved Municipalities: Mantova, Borgo Virgilio

The boat departs from the jetty on Lago di Mezzo and navigates a little upstream to see Diga dei Mulini (mill-dam) and Vasaron, the retaining structure designed by Alberto Pitentino. Going downstream you can admire the Burgo paper-mill designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, a grand work resulting from a patient pursuit of proportion. A little further the bus del gat, a cave along the river at the foot of the tower of Sparafucile, is an iconic place connected with the foundation of Mantua. The silhouette of the city will charm sensitive souls, with its merlon-crowned towers and its palaces. Leaving the city behind, Mincio Park shows itself in its full majesty. The boat slowly approaches white and yellow water lilies (they blossom in May), water caltrops, groves of reeds, willow-covered islets that swans often choose for nesting. Herons take off, or coypus run away from cane groves. According to season and chance, it is very likely to spot little bitterns, grebes, mallards, night herons, and kingfishers, gracing the valley in front of Andes, the ancient village where the great poet Virgil was born.
After paying tribute to the Culex mosquito, in the place where Nelumbo blossoms in July, the vessel turns back to the jetty.

(photo by: Andes Navi srl)

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  • Stages of the itinerary: Lago di Mezzo - Vallazza, departure from Lago di Mezzo, passage to Lago Inferiore and through the Chasslup Masetti dam in the Mincio Valley in front of Pietole, water lilies island, lotus flowers pond, swan valley in front of the Virgiliana, navigation on the Mincio River from Valdaro to the bridge of the A22 motorway. U-turn and back to Lago di Mezzo
  • Fees: Weekdays 1h = € 8.00;  Holidays 1h = 8.00 € for children until 14, 9.00 € for adults; children under 4 travel free. Weekdays 1h30' = € 9.00; holidays 1h30' = € 9.00 for children until 14, 10.00 € for adults; children under 4 travel free.
  • Type of boat, engine and number of places: Andes 1 (252 seats), Andes 2 (192 seats) or Andes 2000 (550 seats). AIFO engines according to current regulations.
  • Bicycles on board: As the boats are big (23-41 metres), it is possible to embark numerous bikes upon previous notice. This should however not be necessary, as the itinerary starts and ends at the same place.
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