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Il Mincio di Virgilio

In the home town of the great poet, where nature is still bucolic

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The Mincio di Virgilio represents an itinerary of historic and environmental interpretation, realized to highlight some of the best features of the territory situated in the Regional Park's protected area. in the stretch of the lower Mincio river course. Along the route visitors are accompanied by a series of architectures included in the landscape. Those elements work as "doors" and stop areas which mark the cycle-pedestrian path developing along the bank. The architectures function as interpretation centers by proposing, as main cultural appealer, the poet Virgil whose origins can be found right in Andes (now called Pietole di Virgilio). The architectures become the sign which ideally connects the view of the places beloved by the poet Virgil with the present river landscape.
Such architectural objects represent places, allow pauses and support didactic tools which can help the visitors understanding and knowing a territory that offers views of extraordinary beauty.

Event to enhance the itinerary reminding of the great poet
Event to enhance the itinerary reminding of the great poet
(photo by: Archivio Parco Mincio)

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