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Profiling buoys to analyse the river’s health and manage problems

Anchoring started yesterday, in the framework of the InterregMed EcoSustain Project

(Mantova, 13 April 2018) - With the EcoSustain project, Mincio Park has started a satellite monitoring action of the water quality using four profiling buoys. Anchoring and installation started yesterday in strategic spots and Natura 2000 sites (Valli del Mincio and Vallazza Nature Reserves and the lakes of Mantua) to analyse and assess the river dynamics. The main parameters of water quality will be constantly measured, so that an alert-system can be set up to detect problems (anoxia, overheating, accidental discharges,…) and enable the managing authorities to carry out interventions, such as increasing flow rates, performing site-specific inspections, and so on. This is a further step towards a smart management of the Mincio River, one in which various actors of a "virtual worktable" take focused actions to safeguard the quality and quantity of Mincio water, in order to fight the silting of the Valleys and protect biodiversity, flora, fauna, ecosystems.

"Through the InterregMed EcoSustain Project, to which four more European countries participate and in which Mincio Park represents Italy" explains Park president Maurizio Pellizzer "the installation of profiling buoys is one of the actions planned in the Negotiated Planning Agreement known as Mincio River Contract".


The University of Parma provided scientific support to choose the parameters and anchoring spots, and installation required a truck-mounted hydraulic arm, surface-supplied diving, Park boats to support the operations, and bramble clearance.

foto della notizia
foto della notizia
foto della notizia
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