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90 meters above the river, between vineyards, cypresses and olive trees

Overlooking the Mincio Valley Monzambano is situated in a high and therefore strategical place on the moraine hills of the lower Garda.
Despite its toponym it is not sure whether it has a roman origin or not: nevertheless many archaeological findings show that this area was inhabited during the roman age. Monzambano surely already existed in the Middle Ages, as a document from 967 AD shows, when Otto I went from Verona towards Monzambano to reach Ravenna by boat.

The castle was built between the 9th and the 10th centuries, when the hungarians came, but the family of the Scaliger surrounded it with polygon walls still well visible.
In 1805 Monzambano passed from Verona to Mantua and achieved a remarkable historic and political significance during the Italian Unification. It was the scene of the dramatic meeting between Victor Emanuel II and Camillo Benso Count of Cavour which took place on the 10th of July 1859 after the disappointing armistice of Villafranca. It was also the scene of many important battles, such as the victorious fight against the Austrians in 1866.

  • From Mantua: km 30
  • Info: Ph. +39 0376 800502

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Farmstead with view of Monzambano
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Castellaro Lagusello, Monzambano
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