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Scientist for a day: discovering seeds, pollinating insects, and freshwater organisms with the Bioblitz in the Mincio Park
Sunday 2nd June: ten itineraries to discover nature at Bertone Park
(Mantova, 16 May 19) Sunday 2nd June (the initial date of 19th May was postponed due to adverse weather conditions) the 2019 edition of BIOBLITZ will take place at Bertone Park. It is a citizen science event that occurs a...
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Profiling buoys to analyse the river’s health and manage problems
Anchoring started yesterday, in the framework of the InterregMed EcoSustain Project
(Mantova, 13 Apr 18) With the EcoSustain project, Mincio Park has started a satellite monitoring action of the water quality using four profiling buoys. Anchoring and installation started yesterday in strategic spots and ...
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Mincio Park awarded in Brussels for ecotourism activities that include local economy
The European Commission has awarded Mincio Park as best practice for the promotion of local economy
(Mantova, 26 Mar 18) In Brussels, the European Commission has selected Mincio Park as winner of the annual prize for the "Best practice in capitalising on local economy", for the Park’s activities in the field of ec...
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Sunday 25 March: re-opening of Bertone Park
With the chance to admire the storks building their nests
(Mantova, 20 Mar 18) After the winter break, Bertone Park - Mincio Park’s Visitor Centre - reopens on Sunday 25 March. The summer residence of the counts D’Arco is a typical example of Romantic garden, surroun...
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272 storks were born free on the Mincio River
The stork reintroduction project carried out with the Bertone Centre is having a significant impact in terms of biodiversity
(Mantova, 16 Feb 18) Storks that were born along the Mincio river since the beginning of Mincio Park’s reintroduction project have reached the number of 272; the chronicle of the movements recorded over the last 20 ...
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6 years of environmental asset: explore the map of Park-made works
(Mantova, 15 Jan 18) From 2012 to 2017, Mincio Park managed investments amounting to 25 million Euros, using them for public works and landscape improvement, ecological restoration, land promotion, environmental education...
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EcoSUSTAIN, the new website is online
Mincio Park represents Italy in a transnational programme to preserve biodiversity
(Mantova, 10 Oct 17) The new website of the transnational EcoSUSTAIN  Project (Ecological sustainable Governance of Mediterranean protected Areas via improved Scientific, Technical and Managerial Knowledge Base) is n...
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Wels catfish: the Park asks fishers not to release captured fish in the river
(Mantova, 16 Aug 17) Mincio Park reminds all those practicing wels catfishing that the Park has an agreement with a specialised company appointed to remove, within two hours, the carcasses of wels catfish. In order to do ...
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Technical group of the Mincio River Contract: progress assessment
(Mantova, 13 Jul 17) In 47 out of 66 activities constituting the Action Plan of the Mincio River Contract (they were initially 62, then 4 more have been added) there have been progresses, or the related activities have be...
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The Park has launched the Mincio River board game, to promote protection of local fish
It is designed for schools and helps discover the world under the water surface
(Mantova, 21 Mar 17) It is designed for schools and helps discover the world under the water surfaceThe activity started by placing sheltered spots for threatened fish to lay eggs, and with restocking actions, especially ...
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White Stork: 17 young birds take their first flight in Mincio Park
The Park's project helps the return of this species in Italy
(Mantova, 03 Nov 16) In the last weeks, most European storks have left for Africa, including those which had spent the summer in Mincio Park. Young birds will stay in Africa for at least two years before, hope...
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Innovation Prize 2016 for social communication goes to Mincio Park
A recognition by EDEN - European Destinations of Excellence - Network
(Mantova, 03 Nov 16) Mincio Park was awarded with the European Innovation Prize 2016 for best practices in social communication within the EDEN - European Destinations of Excellence - Network Read more (i...
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"Ocno Archipelago": platforms on the water surface enchanting Mantua
(Mantova, 12 Sep 16) The Ocno Archipelago - an installation by the architect Joseph Grima placed on the Lago Inferiore in Mantua - is made up of seven islands having different diameters and connected to each other...
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Agreement for the Mincio river
Historic agreement to restore the lakes of Mantua and the Mincio river between Lombardy and Venetia
(Mantova, 18 May 16) The Agreement for the Mincio river has reached its implementation stage. A process destined to change the future of the Mincio river has started, across the territories between Garda and Po, ...
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Nature's faces in Mantua
40 proposals in the nature to discover Italy's Capital of Culture 2016
(Mantova, 14 Apr 16) A long journey in stages to be acquainted with Mantua's natural profile giving this town its identity of "City of Water": in the protected area it was named after, the Mincio Park proposes ...
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The foliage show at the Bertone
(Mantova, 24 Oct 14) Even if it is coming later than expected, autumn is a special show in the Bertone Park. In the forest of a thousand trees, in these days a color explosion occurs: green, yellow, orange, red and brown ...
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Hikes along the river Mincio: free events from 31st August to late October
On foot along the almost unknown paths, by bike or boat, with music, tastings, theater
(Mantova, 27 Aug 14) From Castellaro Lagusello to Governolo, 12 stages starting now and lasting until late October to discover this territory: it is the new free hike session proposed by the Mincio Park along with t...
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The calendar 2014 of the Park Authority: 30 years of the Park told by 12 faces
(Mantova, 21 Dec 13) For the 30th anniversary of its establishment neither the wonderful pictures of the animal and plant species, nor those of the landscapes we are used to see published in the calendar since 1988, but p...
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History routes between Garda and Po
8 thematic itineraries in the short guides of Terre del Mincio
(Mantova, 13 Dec 13) Two short guides propose eight thematic itineraries in the Terre del Mincio, presenting the territory between the Garda lake and the Po river through its thousand-year old history - Arcehomincio - and...
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