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The Park has launched the Mincio River board game, to promote protection of local fish

It is designed for schools and helps discover the world under the water surface

(Mantova, 21 March 2017) - It is designed for schools and helps discover the world under the water surface
The activity started by placing sheltered spots for threatened fish to lay eggs, and with restocking actions, especially of pikes, perches, common rudds and tenches. Now Mincio Park has entered a new stage of fish protection interventions in the framework of the "Dalla terra al fiume" project; these new actions aim at raising awareness and sensitivity on the need to safeguard local fish species of the Valli del Mincio-Vallazza Nature Reserves.

The first interlocutors in this respect are children, families, and schools. For them, the Park has conceived and created the Mincio River board game, a sort of game of the goose featuring characteristic fish of Mantua's most important river: just like in their natural environment, fish in the game have to coexist with several risk factors, represented in the game by different penalties.
Download and print the PDF game in pdf format; to share it, please comply with the Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 IT.

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