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Lower Mincio

The Vallazza Nature Reserve is the last natural glimpse the river Mincio offers before heading the Po river, resembling a canal, situated within the high banks protecting a very fertile alluvial plain. In this stretch of river there are Mincio Park's widest willow expanses, mainly consisting of white willows.

Mincio's lower course is an environment where the agricultural landscape prevails, but which keeps some features of environments of high natural value such as the wetland in the locality called Chiavica del Moro. Among the valuable species inhabiting the protected area there are the herons, the Eurasian teal, the Great cormorant, the Common moorhen and the Common kingfisher.

Inthis area there is also the Carpaneta forest, result of a recent afforestation project launched by the Region Lombardy in 2003 within the project entitled "Dieci Grandi Foreste di Pianura" (Ten Great Plain Forests).
Countryside near Vallazza
(foto di Stefano Mariga)
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