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Visitor Centers and Infopoint

In Mincio Park there are two "historical" visitor centers. Bertone park-garden in Goito is a green lung where autochthonous and exotic trees characterize the romantic park: it houses a garden café, a nature toy library, outdoor entertainment and didactic structures, and the audiovisual hall. Moreover, it is also the "house" of the wonderful white storks of the reintroduction center.
Rivalta sul Mincio, a former rural structure facing a bend of the river in the heart of Valli del Mincio Nature Reserve, houses the museum of the professions of the river.

In the protected area, the Park is creating further small information points.
Like in Castellaro Lagusello (Monzambano), where a small exhibit has been organized inside the bell tower in the heart of the medieval town, or like in Chiavica del Moro (between Mantua and Roncoferraro), where a former hydraulic structure facing an oxbow of the river has been equipped for bird watching activities.

Rivalta Park Center
Rivalta Park Center
Bertone Garden, country house
Bertone Park Center
The Park with one thousand trees and white storks

Goito (MN)
Woodlands and Forests
Rivalta Park Center
Ethnographic Museum of the River Trades
In Valleys del Mincio, Rivalta sul Mincio

Rivalta sul Mincio (MN)

Mantova (MN)
Infopoint Terre del Mincio: Former Forum Boarium

Grazie di Curtatone (MN)
Infopoint Terre del Mincio: River Ecomuseum

Bagnolo San Vito (MN)
Belltower in Castellaro Lagusello
Information Point in Castellaro Lagusello
In the medieval village of the Morainic Hills of Garda

Castellaro Lagusello (MN)
Information Point in Chiavica del Moro
Information Point in Chiavica del Moro
A nature casket along the lower course of Mincio

Chiavica del Moro (MN)
Museum of Madonnari

Grazie di Curtatone (MN)
Bagnolo San Vito, Forcello

Bagnolo San Vito (MN)
Rivalta Park Center
Rivalta Park Center
In the heart of Valli del Mincio, the museum dedicated to the river professions

Rivalta sul Mincio (MN)
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