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Right bank Lago di Mezzo: from Campo Canoa to Lago Superiore

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Features: from Campo Canoa to Lago Superiore: pedestrian and cycle itinerary | Mincio lakefront: path

Parking: Campo Canoa (free) (street view 1) - Mincio lakefront (fee) (2)

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From Campo Canoa (3), the pedestrian and cycle route of Ponte San Giorgio flows into a pedestrian underpass, opposite the Castle of san Giorgio that leads to the right bank of Lake Mezzo, known as the Mincio lakefront (4). The pedestrian and cycle itinerary that runs along Lago di Mezzo in the stretch of lakefront Mincio (5) completes the ring route to the Ponte dei Mulini (6): after a relaxing path between the lush green spaces, the educational installations of the Science Park and the banks populated by swans and ducks, take the underpass of the bridge (7), to find yourself on the shore of Lago Superiore (8) in the municipality of La Zanzara, an ideal spot to see breathtaking sunsets on the Valli del Mincio Nature Reserve.

The Science Park
On the right bank of Lago di Mezzo in Viale Mincio and on the lakefront Arlecchino on Lago Superiore, along the way there are the installations of the "Science Park" (9) : it is a "scientific open-air museum" consisting of a series of devices that lead to the discovery of science in everyday life: battery, echo tube, kaleidoscope, pulleys, mirror discs. Also on the route are the lever, the colour disc, the focused voices (commonly called "wireless phone"), the swivel, the pan organ and the gyroscope. The installations are located from porta Mulina to porta San Giorgio, and are within a few minutes' walk or bike ride from the center of Mantua. The Science Park can be visited every day from dawn to dusk. The Science Park was created by the Municipality of Mantua, the interactive installations were designed and designed by Raffaello and Tobia Repossi.

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Architectural features
Architectural features
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