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Anatre, oche e cigni

I quaderni del Parco del Mincio - 4th volume

Forth volume of the series "I Quaderni del Parco del Mincio", it describes the different species of Anatidae present in the territory of Mincio Park, rich in wetlands.
After 'Piante acquantiche' , 'Alberi' and 'Aironi', the first three volumes of the series published by Mincio Park, this publication describes, among the many other aquatic birds present in the territory of Mincio Park, the different species of ducks, geese, swans. The publication, having informative and didactic aims, can be easily understood and used by the visitors of the Park, and becomes a useful instrument for improving the knowledge of nature. The structure of the volume, a 64-page book, size 15x21, is made of descriptive texts completed by illustrated color tables. The species described in the volume are 22: from the common Mallard to the rare Ferruginous Duck, from the Shelduck to the Velvet Scoter - with their wide wing spread - from the Teal to the Mute Swan and to other migratory or nesting species. The publication is completed by a glossary and it opens with a detailed description of the general features of the hygrophites. In different tables, the nesting environments and the flying herons are represented. Short chapters deal with their nourishment.
  • Series: I quaderni del Parco del Mincio - 4° vol.
  • Author/s: Parco del Mincio, Giorgio Persico, Cesare Martignoni
  • Publisher: Parco del Mincio
  • Pages: 64
  • Size: 15x21cm
  • Year: 2002
  • Price: 6.00 €  
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Anatre, oche e cigni
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