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DVD - Una questione di centimetri

Mincio Park - a delicate, historical balance

"When each plug is in its place, the image is clear: the meanders of Valli del Mincio seem to be a big puzzle, the natural course of tales and hopes. The game now consists of not breaking it into pieces."

The film summarizes the course of river Mincio mentioned by Virgil, the river safeguarded since 1984 as protected area. From Garda Lake to river Po, flying over Mantua surrounded by its lakes, the images present us the waters of the river, the fields, the tastes, the wildlife and flora, the life of the Park as a source of work for agriculture, river tourism, and environmental education. From the charm of a stork flight to the perfection of the natural filter system of the large reed formations, the video camera leads to the creation of a personal portrait of the Park, showing its main (even when they are tiny) environmental features, its problems, the measures to implement to preserve the good health of its habitat.
  • Author/s: Luigi Cammarota
  • Production: Etabeta SpA
  • Duration: 35'
  • Size: 13.5x19cm
  • Year: 2012
  • Price: 9.90 €  
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DVD - Una questione di centimetri
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