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The Mantova-Peschiera

Italy's longest green highway

By bike         Great Interest: Religion Great Interest: Hystory 
  • Departure: Piazzale di porta Mulina, parcheggio a fianco della ferrovia
  • Arrival: Peschiera del Garda
  • Duration: 6 hours (including the pauses and the visits to the Fontana Forest, the Sigurtà garden and Borghetto)
  • Difficulty Level: Average long trail with no particular difficulties, some stretches are not asphalted, it mainly follows its own trail
  • Length: 37 km
  • Involved Municipalities: Mantova, Marmirolo, Peschiera del Garda

Through a slipway one climbs down and turns left under the bridge of the Mills, and soon on the right on a gangway over the water along the slope of the railway by the Lago Superiore shore, and here one reaches Cittadella. One walks along the Canottieri's dock and at the end of the Via S.Maria one turns left and crosses a gate, remaining on the right side behind the house one takes a path near the fields and reaches the road sign where the Mantova-Peschiera cycle path (2.5 km) begins: once reached it, one crosses the municipal road towards Soave to take a dirt road. Following the Parcarello canal the route leads us to the bank of the artificial canal Diversivo del Mincio (km. 5). Once reached the bank one follows the asphalted path up to the bridge which on the opposite river leads us to Bosco della Fontana, an Oriented Nature Reserve managed by the Forestry Corps (km 7).

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Along the Mantova-Peschiera cycle path
Along the Mantova-Peschiera cycle path
(photo by: Archivio Parco Mincio)

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After having left one's bike at the entrance one enters the thick forest made of oaks, European hornbeams and maples, through the large paths one reaches the hunting house of the Gonzagas. Again by bike one follows the cycle path up to Marmirolo (Km. 9). One crosses the village through inland roads, and passing near the Tower one goes towards S.Brizio and Rotta (km. 10,5). Through a municipal road running along the Molinella canal one reaches Marengo, turns left towards Goito and soon meets the Pozzolo-Maglio canal. Then one follows the road on the left shore, and from here the cycle path goes on up to Peschiera. Going on one reaches a bridge crossing the canal, and a short deviation on the left is suggested (km. 1,5 outward and backward) to visit an ancient romanic rural church in Massimbona and a still functioning medieval mill. The route leads us to Pozzolo (km 16), where near the built-up area there is the river Mincio. Here one crosses the provincial road up to the locality called "Mulini" in Volta Mantovana, reaching Borghetto (km. 22).
The historic center is worth a stop for a short walk among the alleys and the restored mills, here you can climb the Visconteo bridge and reach Valeggio to visit the Sigurtà Park. Once back on the cycle path one goes northwards to reach Monzambano (km 27), the itinerary goes on up to the Salionze dam, where one reaches the right bank and crosses the road featuring lines of poplars. In this point one passes under the Highway Milano-Venice and follows the state road No. 11.
At the end of the road, by a crossroad, one turns right, crosses a bridge and by the Via Secolo goes past the railway to reach the Peschiera Fortress (km 37).

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